About Us

Our group was established in 2001 as a Chapter of the nation-wide Heritage Rose Groups.
In keeping with the goals of our parent group, it is our purpose to preserve, enjoy, and share knowledge about Old, or Endangered Roses.

If you are familiar with the structure of local American Rose Society affiliates, Heritage Rose Groups may seem "different" to you.HRG founder, Miriam Wilkins, tells us to: 

"Set out with a light heart, for you need meet only when it is convenient."

A few HRG chapters meet monthly, some twice-yearly, and some 3 to 4 times a year. For the present, we meet "in the flesh" quarterly. Between meetings, many Gold Coast members keep in touch through an Internet Listserver Group established for that purpose. Our Newsletter, "Gold Coast Roses," is mailed quarterly. See a sample of the newsletter.